Allergy Aware for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner you have the responsibility for ensuring that your meals are safe for the public to consume. This is particularly important for allergy sufferers.
The Allergy Aware certification is designed to recognise establishments that take steps to ensure a safer experience for allergy sufferers. A few simple steps can save lives, and can also result in commercial benefits.

Benefits for Restaurants

  1. 90% of individuals with a food allergy responded that they would select a restaurant with Allergy Aware status, over a similar competitor without it.
  2. 74% of individuals responded that they were more likely to return a restaurant.
  3. 95% of parents with children who were allergic would select a restaurant or hotel with Allergy Aware status.
  4. 68% of businesses would select a restaurant with Allergy Aware status for business dinners.

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