Allergic reaction kills teenager

Emma Egerton, 18, who had a severe nut allergy, took just one mouthful of the chicken tikka korma but hadn’t realised it contained ground almonds and had been cooked in nut oil. 

She suffered a massive allergic reaction and despite the best efforts of paramedics and doctors, died in hospital later that evening. 

However, South Manchester deputy coroner Joanne Kearsley believed Miss Egerton, of Sale, could have been spared such a painful death if takeaways were forced to display nut allergy warnings. 

‘Despite the fact these signs are required in restaurants, they aren’t in takeaways,’ she said on recording a verdict of accidental death. 

‘It does give me concern and I do intend to write to the Food Standards Agency.’ 

Miss Egerton had ordered the deadly meal from Spice of India in Sale, via the Just Eat website. 

The takeaway’s owner, Mohammed Abdul Hannan, said: ‘After her death, I looked in detail at how the menu actually looked on the Just Eat site. I think the korma dishes definitely didn’t have it on.’ 
Just Eat managing director David Butress said he had located a menu from September 2010, two months before Emma died, and said it showed a nut symbol next to the curry she ordered. 
After the hearing, Emma’s father, John Egerton, said: ‘There are a lot of people who have died through allergies. I want to ensure they didn’t die in vain. 

‘Her allergy was built into our routine, but with this type of condition you can be left playing Russian roulette.’

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